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When attempting to create a subspace in Confluence, a Proxy Error occurs.

The following error can be found in the logs:

2017-05-17 10:58:49,903 WARN [http-nio-8180-exec-21] [confluence.util.profiling.DefaultActivityMonitor] close Exceeded the threshold of 60000 ms:
ActivitySnapshot{startTime=1494982528595, threadId=160373, threadName='http-nio-8180-exec-21', userId='admin', type='web-request', 
summary='/communardo_plugins/createsubspace/createspacehierarchy.action'} -- url: /communardo_plugins/createsubspace/createspacehierarchy.action | traceId: 
efbaa102cd8ca344 | userName: admin | referer: 
10:59:17,923 ERROR [http-nio-8180-exec-16] [confluence.pages.actions.HeartbeatAction] startActivity No content found or no permission to view content with 
contentId: 119844414


There are several possible causes for this behavior which might also interact.

  1. Your Confluence was getting a lot of traffic when you created the subspaces.
  2. The memory (RAM) of Confluence was already quite full before creating the new subspace and thus creating the whole hierarchy from scratch was too much.
  3. You have more than ~ 200 spaces in Confluence.
  4. There are several subspace macros on one page.

In general SubSpace version 2.2.2 (and earlier) shows performance issues with a high number of spaces because the whole space hierarchy is always loaded when loading a page.
We developed version 3.0 from scratch specifically to address this performance issue.

Therefore, if the above information does not help you address the issue, we recommend updating to the latest version. Have a look at the documentation to get to know the new SubSpace Navigation for Confluence and its features.