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I am trying to create a global navigation panel at the top. We have a lot of spaces and I want to limit what shows up in the Global Navigation panel. When i activate the "Show subspace menu on each page" option it shows every space. How can i limit it to only certain spaces I want to display?


To hide spaces from the global navigation, you first need to define a structure of (sub-) spaces as described in the User's and Administrator's Guide.

It is possible to modify the parameters (e.g. "maxDepth=0") of the Subspace plugin menu bar which is displayed at the top of the page. The way how you can do it depends on the theme you use. If you are using the Confluence standard theme you can modify the behavior of the Subspace menu bar with the following steps:

1. Deactivate the option "Show subspace menu on each page" in the Subspace configuration in the global Confluence administration
2. Navigate to: Confluence global administration => "LOOK AND FEEL" => "Layouts": "Main Layout" => Create custom
3. Add the following code snippet below the line:
#parse("/decorators/includes/common-header.vm") in the textarea: