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How is it possible to restrict the ability to create a subspace to Global Administrators only?


You are able to deactivate the links to create a subspace or to change the parent space of a subspace ouside of the administration by disabling to modules of the Subspace plugin:

  • Add Space (subspace.addspace)
  • Change Parent Space (subspace.change.parentspace)
  • Add Space (
  • Change Parent Space (

To disable this modules navigate to: "Confluence Administration" => "Manage add-ons", klick on "SubSpace plugin" and klick on the link "17 of 18 modules are enabled" (on the right side). Now you are able to disable the four modules.

Please not, the URLs: "<Confluence_URL>/communardo_plugins/createsubspace/createspacehierarchy-start.action?key=<Space_Key>" and "<Confluence_URL>/communardo_plugins/createsubspace/changeparentspace-start.action?key=<Space_Key>" are still available via direct URL access.