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SubSpace Navigation for Confluence is integrated with Metadata for Confluence. Therefore you can use the following functionality when both add-ons are installed on your Confluence.

When you add a CQL navigation element to the SubSpace Navigation, you can use Metadata sets and fields in your query (see "expert filter criteria" in the Metadata for Confluence documentation).


1) Show all pages where the location (a space metadata field) is either "Stuttgart" or "Dresden":

// Expert Filter Criteria 
metadatafield.location:"Stuttgart" OR metadatafield.location:"Dresden"

2) Show all pages where the contact person (a global metadata field) is Katherine Smith and the location (a space metadata field) is "Dresden":

// Expert Filter Criteria 
global.metadatafield.contactperson:"ksmith" AND metadatafield.location:"Dresden"

3) Show all pages with the metadata set "projects" in the space "Products" (with space key "PROD")

// Expert Filter Criteria 
metadataset:metadataset.projects AND spacekey:"PROD"

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