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The test connection from Confluence to Sharepoint fails.


There can be many things that go wrong. Please refer to the following known cases:


  1. Check that the Confluence server is able to reach the Sharepoint server. Run the command (on the server where Confluence is installed):


    Replacing <SHAREPOINT_SERVER> with the host name of the Sharepoint server.

  2. Confirm that the Sharepoint server is accessible using the  Sharepoint Diagnostic tool - this tool must be run from the Confluence server.
  3. If none of the suggestions above help, please submit an HTTP dump result to Communardo Support:
    1. If SSL is enabled, disable it before running Wireshark.
    2. Go to the Confluence Sharepoint administration page: http://<your confluence url>/admin/sharepoint-admin/sharepoint-admin.action
    3. Install Wireshark on the server hosting Confluence.
    4. Open Wireshark
    5. Click on "Capture > Interfaces". A pop up window will show up.
    6. Select a driver to capture traffic from the appropriate network device. Click on the Start button to start capturing traffic.
    7. In Confluence Sharepoint administration page, click on Test Connection.
    8. In Wireshark, click the fourth button or press Ctrl + E.
    9. After the traffic capture is stopped, save the captured traffic into a file (in *.pcap format) and attach it to a support ticket. Include IP address of the servers involved so support can go through the HTTP dump.