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We have finally moved our support portal to the cloud, which includes this documentation as well.
All documentations here are therefore no longer up to date. Please follow the link for the latest documentation:

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Q: Why does Atlassian transfer the SharePoint Connector for Confluence to Communardo?

A: Atlassian has decided to transfer development and support of the SharePoint Connector (SPC) add-on for Confluence to Communardo for the benefit of current and future customers. Atlassian believes that SPC will see more active feature development and continued first class support with a partner who can focus on growing and maintaining the product. "We are thrilled that our investment in Sharepoint Connector will continue to grow under the leadership of Communardo. Their long history of success in our Marketplace, coupled with their technical capability, customer reach and expertise, ensures users will continue to get increased value and functionality from the add-on." says Wendell Keuneman, Head of Confluence at Atlassian. A long time Atlassian Platinum Expert, Communardo is a leading specialist in Atlassian products and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with a specialization in Microsoft SharePoint. Sharepoint Connector for Confluence customers will have direct access to Communardo’s complementary services to further leverage the integration this add-on offers.


Q: Who is Communardo?

A: Communardo builds products for smarter enterprise collaboration - we strive to make collaboration effective, fast and fun. We are Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Expert, Atlassian Verified marketplace vendor as well as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. With our head office based in Dresden in "Silicon Saxony" we strive for superior software quality “Made in Germany”. At Communardo, more than 100 software engineers, consultants, support and service specialists passionately work with our clients. So far more than 1.000 clients in more than 60 countries rely on our experience for their daily business.


Q: What will happen to existing licenses of the SharePoint Connector for Confluence that we purchased?

A: Existing licenses purchased from Atlassian will stay valid. All clients can continue to use the SharePoint Connector for Confluence. In the future, renewals can be purchased via the Atlassian Marketplace or an Atlassian Expert of your choice.


Q: Which end user license agreement (EULA) will be effective?

A: For all new licenses and renewals of the SharePoint Connector for Confluence the Atlassian Marketplace Terms of Use will replace the Atlassian Customer Agreement.


Q: What will happen to the pricing of SharePoint Connector for Confluence?

A: For the time being, pricing for the add-on will remain the same. In the future, changes in pricing may occur depending on the further development of the product and the market conditions.


Q: How can I receive support services in future?

A: Support services provided by Communardo will be available via the Communardo Support Portal. In the support center you can create support requests, create bugs and share ideas or feature requests. You will be able to search existing issues formerly available at the Atlassian websites.


Q: What happens to Premier support customers?

A: Customers holding a valid license of the SharePoint Connector for Confluence and an active Premier Support contract as of August 15th 2016 will continue to receive Premier support services for their use of the add-on from Atlassian until the license end date. All add-on related support tasks, e.g. provision of bug fixes or new versions, will be fulfilled by Communardo. Affected customers should contact their existing Premier Support contacts as usual.


Q: Where can I find documentation resources for the SharePoint Connector for Confluence?

A: The up-to-date documentation for the latest version of the SharePoint Connector for Confluence is available here. Documentation of older versions can be found here


Q: Will Communardo continue to maintain the compatibility of the addon with future versions of Atlassian Confluence and Microsoft SharePoint?

A: Yes, Communardo will continue to maintain compatibility to all versions of Confluence and SharePoint until the end of the maintenance period for these software products.


Q: Will Communardo invest in improvements for the SharePoint Connector?

A: Yes, Communardo is committed to further improve the SharePoint Connector for Confluence. For this reason, we will conduct a customer survey in order to find out which improvements are crucial for your end users. We are really keen to learn what you would like to suggest. 

     >> Please respond to our customer survey here <<


Q: Can we meet the Communardo team in person?

A: Yes, you can meet our team at Atlassian Summit 2016 in San Jose from Oct 12-13 and at future Atlassian Events.


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