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SubSpace Navigation for Confluence

Regarding versions starting with 3.0

SubSpace Plugin

Regarding versions 1.1 through 2.2.2




If you have further questions you can check the comment thread below or create a support request.


  1. Jan 28, 2010

    The {subspaces_tree} macro appear to be missing from the new 1.5 version of the Subspace-plugin. After installing it through the plugin repository the spaces-view on my dashboard at least it gave that error. Is this a bug or have the plugin changed so we are supposed to be using {subspace} with some parameters instead? In that case you should really say so in the documentation. I'm running Confluence 3.0.2.

    1. Feb 01, 2010

      Hi Svein-Magnus,
      with release 1.5 the macro {subspaces_tree} was removed. But you can easily reproduce it by using the subspaces macro: {subspaces:style=list|sort=title}.
      I updated the documentation to point this out more clearly. Sorry for any inconveniences.

  2. Jan 28, 2010

    I really like this plugin, partly because it is so simple to use and is understandable for users who may be daunted by the metadata2 plugin.

    But we would really like to see one additional option: the ability to limit the displayed tree to a (user set) number of levels below the dashboard (ie below the spaces where parent = dashboard)

    For our company, showing 3 levels below the dashboard is good. 

    Showing 4 levels below the dashboard is not good, because some of the 3rd level subspaces contain hundreds of further subspaces.

    We want:  dashboard>Level 1>Level 2>Level 3  and no further. 

    We have valid reasons for the existence of subspaces below Level 3. We just dont want to display those subspaces in the subspaces tree.

    If this is possible now, please tell me how   



    1. Feb 01, 2010

      Hi Sean,
      thanks a lot for your feedback. Unfortunately the feature you are requesting is not supported at the moment. We will discuss it internally but I can't promise that it will make it into the next release.


    2. Jul 13, 2010

      We really needed this feature, so we solved it by using the following css hack


      ul.treenode > li > ul > li > ul > li {
          display: none;


      It's ugly, but it works in our case.

  3. Feb 03, 2010

    Is it possible to limit the output to a specific team?

    we're using the refinedwiki theme which allows for categories and we'd like to limit the list to show only spaces in that category.



    1. Mar 03, 2010

      Hi Matthew,

      what do you mean by "team"? A category from the refinedwiki theme?

      1. Nov 08, 2010

        I do follow up this question as I like to get this answered too.

        Its meant that Confluence spaces could get team labels under space admin and the above mentioned ""rw_category_wiki" is just team label name used by refined wiki.
        What has been asked is to create a new parameter in subspaces that allows to include team as it is used on standard confluence dashboard, to show just a spacetree of a specific team – simply sayed: instead of "key" to get specific spaces use "team" to get specific spaces of a team.


        1. Nov 08, 2010

          That would be a fantastic feature for Subspaces, especially in wikis which have hundreds of spaces.


        2. Nov 22, 2010

          We just created an Issue to your request. please see ( .

  4. Feb 03, 2010

    I am using the Subspaces plugin, newest version 1.5. I've added #requireResource("de.communardo.confluence.plugins.subspace:subspace-resource") 




    to the main layout as instructed. The subpaces are listed at the top of the page, 
    but not as a menu bar. It's in the plain view, even though I specified the menue style. This is what I entered 



    even if I only enter 




    it still does not render as a menu, it's just the plain style.


    I added




    to the home page of the DEV space with the Main Layout having the 
    changes above. Then the menu at the top and the one on the page changed to the menu style. I tried to add a screen shot of this but I can't
    add the image.


    Why do I have to have the macro in the page to get the menu at the top to work? Also, when you edit a page the menu at the top 
    changes to a plain list style at the top and doesn't stay as a menu like it should.

    I would also like the main space to show in the breadcrumbs for the subspaces. How is this possible? This plug-in is extremely useful and I 
    wonder why it is developed more?

    1. Mar 03, 2010

      hi - I have the same problem, is there any resolution?

      1. Mar 03, 2010

        Hi Robert,
        Corey already created an issue for this problem. You can follow its progress here:

    2. Mar 03, 2010

      Hi Corey,

      about your question concerning the breadcrumbs: I created an isse for this feature at Does this cover your request?

  5. Mar 04, 2010


    subspaces plugin with confluence 3.1.1 cant be embedded as described in the manual on this page.

    The string $helper…does not exist in the customizable page layout. It has maybe been changed to a different macro to include teams in list view.

    The subspaces macro works at any place, but you dont get it into the column on right hand of the dashboard.

    Within RefinedWiki with subspaces just shows the same as the standard confluence macros without the structure of subspaces in list view.

    The subspaces manual has to be updated to be able to use the plug in.

    It could be also the case that the installation of RefinedWiki overwrites the preexisting templates.

    I upgrade to 3.1.2 to see if this behavior is still the case.

    Edit: 4. March 2010

    Within 3.1.2 its the same behavior on confluence themes.

    The subspaces plugin works in RefinedWiki, if embedded in the general theme layouts, but it does not show the sorted tag and it does show the hideen rw_categrie_(categorie tag label).

    Subspaces plugin needs to be updated and the manual needs to explain how to get it now visible in dashboard.



  6. Apr 05, 2010

    The menu bar worked great on all pages in 3.1x, by editing global layout exactly as per the instructions:








    In 3.2, it only works on the dashboard.

    It isnt visible on any other pages.




    CORRECTION: my mistake - I forgot that I had previously edited the main.vmd file for each theme to ensure the subspaces menu works properly. Once I did this to the (now bundled) doctheme 1.07, all was well.  :)

    1. Jul 29, 2010

      Hi Sean, you mean you made same changes that is described on "Navigation bar on every page" section to main.vmd file(s) on the server (so there is no confluence page to do these from GUI, I guess). I can see the menu within the pages seen with Global look and feel but not with for instance Documentation Theme. When i use "locate main.vmd" on the server, I can only find one main.vmd file under decorators/ folder.

      Maybe that is the base file for main layout, which is source for every theme (? this is a guess actually, so main.vmd file on server but not the customized code that we make on confluence admin) and also the state which you will return to default from customized main layout.

      This may be Confluence issue, I am customizing Main layout with Confluence admin but it is not applied to all themes (this is another guess)



  7. Apr 19, 2010

    Hello, I really like this plugin. But I have one problem when I want to specify a space key. I want the parent space to be displayed in the menu too (like if I dont define a key), not only his subspaces. Is that possible? Is it also possible to define more then one key? This would be reallly important.


    1. Jun 03, 2010

      Hi Susan,

      the feautures you are requesting are currently not supported by the plugin.

      I created an issue at for your request about the display of the parent space.

      Currently we are nor planning to support more than one space key, as this would make the use of the macro unnecessarily complex. Could you give a usage scenario that explains why you need this funtionality?

  8. Apr 20, 2010


    I've now started using this SubSpace plugin, but I can't get correct dashboard rendering when using Internet Explorer 7 ou 8.

    Not using Internet Explorer is not an option.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Dec 21, 2012

      Hi - do you know if this IE 7 and 8 issue was ever solved?

      Also, what do you mean by 'dashboard' ?

  9. Apr 21, 2010

    I've installed the plugin, arranged some of my spaces, and modified the global template with the subspaces macro reference.

    If I'm logged on the dashboard shows what I expect.  If I'm not logged on, the dashboard only shows the Demonstration space.  However the spaces that are missing are accessible without being logged on.  What am I missing here?

  10. May 25, 2010

    Hi!  I've installed SubSpace 1.5 on my test system here, running 2.10.4.  When I edit the global layout to read "subspaces:style=list|sort=title", I end up with a display issues on my dashboard.  It has the text "#htmlSafe()" above the Recently Updated section, and the links in that section no longer appear.  When I revert the line back to just "spaces", it appears fine.  Is there  another change I am missing?  Thanks!

    1. Jun 03, 2010

      Hi Tara,
      could you provide a screenshot of this issue?

  11. Jun 24, 2010

    Hi, I've installed the SupSpace plugin version 1.5. On confluence admin, Supspace Configuration page you can define only one parent... Would it be possible to add multiple parents for a supspace? Maybe a workaround that I can apply myself?

    reason is also related this discussion:



  12. Jul 22, 2010

    Maybe I am just not able to find this feature, but is it possible to change existing spaces from being a "normal" space to being a sub-space? I have a lot of spaces in my wiki, and would like to restructure it by using this plugin.



    1. Jul 22, 2010

      @Christian: login to the Adminstration section of Confluence. Within that page, look for the Subpace Configuration menu on the left hand side. That's where you define the hierarchy. The suspaces menus/trees respect that hierarchy.

      1. Jul 22, 2010

        Hi Sean,

        thank you for supporting Chrisian and helping us ;)


      2. Jul 22, 2010

        Thanks Sean,

        I was looking in the space configuration, but not in the site configuration. Your hint helped.


  13. Jul 22, 2010

    Hi Judith and Tino,

    My company would like to pay you to customise the SubSpaces plugin for our needs:

    1. Instead of the greyed out "No Permission" message in the menus/trees, we need the space to not appear at all in the menu/tree. In other words, users will not see menu/tree items at all unless they have read permissions. I know this can cause issues if a user has permission to view a space in a lower heirarchy than a space the user cannot view, but that is the fault of the wiki admin - it's not the plugin's fault. So we cant identify a need for showing "No Permision" - our users come from different companies which all use the same parent spaces, but different subspaces. We dont want one company to see another companies sub spaces, even if they are greyed out as "No Permission".

    2. As per my post above from 28 January, we need one additional option: the ability to limit the displayed tree to a (user set) number of levels below the dashboard (ie below the spaces where parent = dashboard). For our company, showing 3 levels below the dashboard is good. Showing 4 levels below the dashboard is not good, because some of the 3rd level subspaces contain hundreds of further subspaces.We want:  dashboard>Level 1>Level 2>Level 3  and no further. We have valid reasons for the existence of subspaces below Level 3. We just dont want to display those subspaces in the subspaces tree.

    Assuming the cost is fair, we are willing to pay for this development work....and we wont mind if it is then made available to the Confluence community for free.

    I sent an email about this to Tino yesterday.




  14. Aug 02, 2010

    Is there any way to set the order of sub-spaces in the same level?

    Currently, I have the following sup-spaces in the following order:





    I want them in this order:




    1. Aug 19, 2010

      Hi Robbie,

      thank you for your comment. There is no possibility to order the sub-spaces manually at the moment. There exists an issue targeting this problem. (
      Besides, the spaces can be displayed ordered by "creationdate", "modificationdate" or "title". To show the spaces in your desired order it would be the best to edit the space details accordingly and to display the spaces with a macro like {subspace:sort=modification}

      Best regards,

      1. Aug 24, 2010

        Thanks for replying! I've voted for that issue. I found the {subspace:sort=title/modification/creation} macro under Confluence Admin > Layouts > Global Layout. However, that affects all spaces. Should I be adding this somewhere else? The only place I can find that talks about Space Details is under the Space Admin, which doesn't provide anywhere to edit/add the macro.

  15. Aug 04, 2010


    I've found a small bug. You a referring to a help-file that does not exist.

    By opening the notation guide you can find the following error in the log-file:

    org.apache.velocity.exception.ResourceNotFoundException: Unable to find resource 'communardo_plugins/displaysubspace/displayspacehierarchie_navbar/subspaceslistmacro-help.vm'

    Best regards,


    1. Aug 19, 2010

      Hi Michael,
      thank you for your comment. The resource 'subspaceslistmacro-help.vm' is missing.
      I created an issue ( for your request.

      Best regards,

  16. Oct 25, 2010

    Recently I got some support requests concerning the plugin. Below you find my answers, maybe this helps people who have similar questions.

    Q: What happens if we upgrade Confluence and the plugin stops working?
    A: It is not likely that you upgrade Confluence and the plugin stops working. We are testing the compatibility of our plugin for each version of confluence. If it is not working with a confluence version we are providing a new version of the plugin that fixes this issue.

    Q: What happens to the sub spaces if we decide to remove the plugin at some point in the future?
    A: The plugin provides functionality to organize spaces hierarchically in spaces and sub-spaces. The relationship between the spaces is rather lose, since the plugins focus is on structuring a wiki and its spaces. Since the sub spaces are normal spaces the plugin can be removed without any problems. The (sub) spaces will be listed like all other spaces on the dashboard.

    Q: How do I get the relationship between a space and subspace in the confluence db. What tables do I query to get this information?

    Confluence stores that information in a table named "os_propertyentry". This table stores arbitrary properties for all confluence content objects e.g.: pages, comments and spacedescriptions. To store the parent relationship for a space, its an entry for its space description is stored in this table.
    So if you want to know which space description objects have parent spaces just query the database table os_propertyentry for entries with the entity_key 'metadata.Parent':


    SELECT o.entity_id, o.entity_key , o.text_val
    FROM os_propertyentry o
    WHERE o.entity_key = 'metadata.Parent' ;


    The relation between spaces and space descriptions is stored in the table "content" which contains information about all confluence content objects. Finally the table "spaces" contains information about the spaces in confluence like their name and their spacekey. The following example MySQL query hopefully explains those relations:


    SELECT s.SPACEID, s.SPACEKEY, c.CONTENTID, c.CONTENTTYPE, o.entity_key , o.text_val
    FROM content c
    JOIN os_propertyentry o ON (c.CONTENTID = o.entity_id)
    JOIN spaces s ON (s.SPACEID = c.SPACEID)
    o.entity_key = 'metadata.Parent';


    (The "entity_key" column of the result contains the "metadata.Parent"-key and the "text_val" column the parent spacekey string.)

  17. Nov 03, 2010


    just installed that plugin into confluence3.3.3 and using doc-theme.

    I wrote a user-macro to get the current spacekey to include all subspaces of the current space.

    usermacro is:




    Edited the global left-navigation panel of doc-theme with:


    What i get in a space is:


    script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">     var contextPath = '';


    After that message, the subspaces are shown.

    What to do to solve that issue?

  18. Nov 08, 2010


    thanks for your detailed description. There is an Documentation-Theme-Issue that descripes this behavior ( It seems that the Documetation Theme not allows inline javascript. To help you out, please see This should work for you.

  19. Nov 12, 2010

    I am currently using the basic Confluence Theme and I installed the Subspace Plugin in order to add space hierarchy and use the wonderful menu bar implemented by the plugin. But with the version 1.6, it doesn't display a menu bar for spaces/subspaces anymore. Furthermore, the subspaces macro, in its list display modes, adds bullet points to the formatting.

    To quote your warning:

    The HTML structure and CSS of the subspaces menu, generated via


    has been changed in the current release 1.6. This may have effects on customized themes.

    How can we achieve the same result as the previous release of your plugin? Is there a fix in the works?

    Thank you,

    1. Nov 19, 2010

      Hello Karim El Alaili,

      to reproduce the behavior of your confluence we need the version number of your confluence installation. Which browser do you use?

  20. Nov 16, 2010

    Hi everyone,

    Just beginning testing this plugin. Seems really promising!

    I have one question: is it possible to toggle on/off the main space that has sub spaces ?

    This option will merely be accessible through the admin panel to permit toggle on/off of selected main space.

    Thanks for the help


    1. Nov 22, 2010

      Hello michael regelin,

      ich hope i understand you in the right way. You want to have a little switch in the subspaces administration to decide what space will be shown. Unfortunatelly, there is no such function in subspaces plugin right now. But we will discuss your suggestion.

      1. Nov 22, 2010

        Hi Sandro,

        Yes, you're right.

        The idea is to have a personal token to toggle /on/off a whole space branch. This is usefull when you have more than 100 spaces. This should not be the same as preffered or team space regroupment.



  21. Dec 15, 2010

    Hi, thanks for providing this plugin, very useful. I had a question though: :)

    I've been struggling since some time to retrieve the information "what is the parent space of this parent". I'd need it to build custom navigation display depending on the space "family".

    (in short, I build  documentation for products, each one having an "overview" space then one child space per development version).

    I peeked at the code and saw that you built a SpaceHierarchy class. Although I didn't understand much more, as I'm not a developer.

    Would there be any way to access this class and its methods through Velocity? (Although I don't know how to build a plugin, I'm now familiar with calling objets/methods in Velocity through Confluence API).

       Thanks in advance for your help!

         Best regards,

           Laurent Lacôte

    1. Jan 05, 2011

      Hello Laurent Lacôte,

      Currently there is no way for you to access the the space hierarchy by velocity. But if you only want to do some styling on the resulting html, you can use the classes at the "li" elements.


      Each "li"in the menu should look like this.


      <li style="..." class="space-testspace1">


      With this you can define a Style sheet to specify an other style for the childrens of this "li" element.

      > ul {
          backround-color: black;


      1. Jan 18, 2011

        Hi Sandro,

        thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, it's not the styling which I want (I already do what you proposed in fact ^^), but I'd like to get my hands on your custom property "space-parent" (one use-case for us is retrieving the "siblings" of a given space).

        Well, you confirmed that it wasn't accessible in Velocity for now.

        Fortunately, I could ask for help from a colleague. We'll try together to read your code and develop a plugin that would retrieve the wanted value from your classes.

        When we manage to do so, we'll try to expose it in Velocity. In case you find this interesting, we'll be glad to share our code.

          Anyways, until then, keep up the good work!

            Best regards,

              Laurent Lacôte

  22. Jan 13, 2011

    I'm a System administrator, but when I try to move a space to have a new parent space I receive the following message:

    "You are not permitted to perform this operation."

    Does anyone know why this might be happening?

    1. Feb 14, 2011


      It seems there is a Bug in Permissions checking during parent space changing. 
      A bug regarding this issue has been created ( Meanwhile, it should help assign you to the confluence-administrators group.
      Thanks for your help.

  23. Jan 20, 2011

    Hi all, 

    Is there a way to list all the pages under a subspace using the subspace macro? I want to put this on every home page of the parent space.

    For example, for a space called Book i want to have the following on Book's home page

    - SubSpace1
    |_ page 1
    |_ page 2
    |_ page 3

    - SubSpace2
    |_ page 1
    |_ page 2
    |_ page 3


    I used the subspace macro to do this, but looks like it can only list out subspaces under a space and not pages in the subpaces.

    Any help is appreciated.



    1. Feb 14, 2011


      yes you are right, the subspaces macro can only show the hierarchy of spaces. 
      Currently, we don't have plans to support pages in the space tree because you can add the pagetree itself as a more detailed level at the home-page of each space.

      Kind regards Sandro

  24. Feb 11, 2011

    Is there any way to clone permissions from parent when creating a subspace ?

    1. Feb 15, 2011

      Hello Benjamin DUPUIS,

      cloning the permisssion during the subspace creation isn't supported, because the spaces itself are logical independent from each other. 
      With subspaces you only give them a hierarchically relationship.

      Kind regards Sandro

  25. Mar 23, 2011


    i installed the macro and works fine for us. But currently i have one problem. I added 




    to the main layout. But now, i only see the bar on the dashboard and on spaces with "Easy Reader Design". When we use "Documentation Theme" the bar is hidden. Any ideas?



    1. Mar 24, 2011

      Hello Frank,

      the "Default Theme" and the "Easy Ready Design" using the same decorator files you have edited to have the menu on every page. The Documentation Theme using its own internal decorator Files with some placeholders in it. The "Documentation Theme" Configuration Page allows you to enter wiki code for the "header", "navigation" and the  "footer" area. So if you enter the wiki code "{subspaces:addlink=true|currentSpace=$spaceKey}" in the "header" area you have a menu on every page. Unfortunately, you don't have the menu on the dashboard.

      An other solution is to write your own confluence Theme based on the documentation Theme sources. In this case you have the free choise where you want to insert the subspace menu.

      Kind regards,


      1. Mar 24, 2011

        When I add you wiki text in my header I do get a very nice menu, but just above it I see the following text:

        script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"> var contextPath = '';

        Any idea why that is happening? I do love the menu!

        1. Mar 24, 2011

          Never mind! I found your fix. Works great, thanks :-)

    2. Mar 24, 2011


      the answer is simple, but you couldn't know before trying. :)

      When you are on the dashboard, Confluence parses the "main.vmd" file that is on the filesystem and that you modified.

      However, the Documentation Theme uses its own vmd files, embedded in the plugin. As for me, I had the same need as you (both Documentation's sidebar and Subspaces plugins).

      I found two solutions for a non-technical, either :

      1. Follow tutorials on the net to build a template, similar to the Documentation Theme. See for example Atlassian doc,

        + reasonably easy to set up, nice tutorial

        + navigation sidebar with freely customizable content

        - lacks other features of Documentation theme (hideable sidebar with button, resize sidebar, add page-specific header and footer).

      2. Download the Documentation Theme plugin, extract it, retrieve the templates (main.vmd, page.vmd and css) and adapt them as you wish (you must be using the "Default Theme" to customize templates).

        + Build your visuals on solid base

        + Benefit from all Documentation Theme features (resizeable, non-table based template, etc...)

        - Requires permanent access to Documentation THeme resources >> must stay installed and enabled

        - Requires copy of Documentation Theme images in a dedicated folder on filesystem, and adaptation of css to point to them.

        - VERY DIRTY WAY to do (although it's the one I chose... for now) : you don't have control on "dependencies", and your theme could break on upgrading.

      The very best way to achieve what you want, would be to build a Confluence plugin, taking inspiration from the Documentation Theme.

        Anyways, hope this will help you.

          Have a nice day!

            Laurent Lacôte

      1. Mar 29, 2011

        Thanks for your reply, Laurent. I added the menu and for now it's on all pages except the dashboard. I think I can live with that. I'd like to stick with the default documentation theme if possible, so I don't have to worry about breaking it with updates, etc.

        I am considering creating a new dashboard page as a workaround...but I'm going to wait until after upgrading to 3.5. The space categories feature looks sweet, and combined with subspaces will be very helpful for people who are less familiar with wiki structure.

      2. Jul 07, 2011

        Laurent, thanks for the options. I'm trying to implement 2, but I don't quite understand the concepts. Are you saying you replaced the default "main.vmd" and "page.vmd" with the code of the same files from the Documentation Theme? I've pulled up the "main.vmd" in a file comparison tool and they seem pretty different. Do you have a blog or write-up with more specifics anywhere?

  26. Apr 07, 2011

    Hi there.

    Is there a possibility to DENY the space administrators the creation of subspaces?

    I couldn´t findy any hint about this, only the info that space administrators can (always) create subspaces under their space. This even works if the person explizitely is not allow over the confluence admin panel to create spaces

    Does anybody have any infos or tipps in this matter?

    Kind regards


    1. Apr 07, 2011


      currently you are not able to deny the creation of subspaces for space admins. But a new ticket CSSP-55 has been created to change this behavior in future releases.

      1. Apr 08, 2011

        Thank you very much for your quick response.

        I´ll watch the ticket than.

        Kind regards


    2. Apr 18, 2011

      I had the same issue and found the following solution :

      In the file ..\confluence\template\includes\menu-macros.vm, locate the macro "menuMacros_renderLeftNavMenu" and add the 2 lines starting with ">>"


      #foreach ($item in $displayableItems)
                  #set ($itemRenderedUrl = $$req, $action.webInterfaceContext))
                  #set ($itemLabel = $item.label.getDisplayableLabel($req, $action.webInterfaceContext))
      >>          #if ($itemLabel != "Create a sub-space")
                  <li #if($item.key == $selection) class="active"#end>
                      [ ... ]
      >>          #end


      1. Apr 19, 2011

        Thank you very much.

        This is a suitable workaround for me.



  27. Apr 08, 2011


    What exactly are unique per subspace. It seems that labels are unique per sub-space - it is therefore possible to use the label "usability" in sub-space A and in sub-space B - and the labels are two separate labels - which is great. I have tried however to add a page - and then got an error saying that the page name already exists in the space - it seems therefore that page names are not unique per sub-space - which in unexpected. Are we doing something wrong or is this the way it is?

    1. Apr 11, 2011

      Hi Chris,

      the subspace plugin only tells each space if there is a parent space where it belongs to. That means a subspace simply is a normal confleunce space. And in confleunce a page have to be unique in a space. that means you are able to create a page named "test" in each space. 

      Kind regards Sandro

      1. Apr 11, 2011

        Thanks. Problem solved - we were creating a page in what we thought was a sub-space - but it wasn't actually

  28. May 31, 2011

    I want to see space structure in breadcrumbs in spaces, using documentation theme. So i added 

    The Subspace menu works perfectly, but i don't see anything in breadcrumbs. 

    Any hints?

    1. Jun 01, 2011


      the issue you descripe has already been recorded (CSSP-56). I think we get it fixed in one of the next versions.
      Anyway, thanks for your description.

      Kind regards,

  29. Jun 16, 2011


    I use Confluence 3.5 and Subspace plugin 1.7.1.

    I made all the changes explained above in Global and Main layout files. I use Documentation theme.

    When I search after a text that appears in many pages ( so the pagination area appears in search result page) I cannot see the search result from second page.

    Is something that I missing or is a bug?

    This is the link from search result page ( the first one):


    and this is the link from second page ( when press on "2" link in pagination area):


    Everything works fine with a link like this:


    Sorry for my English.

    Many thanks, Cristina

    1. Jun 20, 2011

      Hello Cristina,

      you are right, we can reproduce this. the subspace search is loosing some parameters during the pagination process. We have created anissue for this bug. Many thanks for your description.

      Kind regards,


  30. Jun 28, 2011

    Hello, thank you for the plugin.

    Is there any way possible for a page in a parent space to display recently updated items (pages, comments, etc) for subspaces?  The recently-updated plugin only shows items for the parent space.

      1. Jun 29, 2011

        Thankyou for the response Klaus,

        Sorry for my poor wording.  What we are looking for is a way to display recently updated items for subspaces without having to neccessarily specify a list of spaces.  It should be automatically derived from the space heriarchy.

  31. Jun 29, 2011

    supspace has no effect on recently-updated-macro. To achieve that what you want, you need to derive of the breadcrumb a comma separated list of the spaces and inject this list into the recently-updated-macro which cold be achieved with replace-and-render. I now did not investigate what way would give a comma separated list of spaces to you, maybe you could derive it using reporting-plugin. But I am sure you will find a way to manage this on your own.

  32. Jul 04, 2011

    Since we upgraded the subspace plugin on our Confluence 3.2 installation there have been a steady increase in the velocity errors, until we took a look at the updated documentation here and noticed changes.

    When replacing








    It displays the breadcrumbs including the space hierarchy like it is supposed to again without errors.

    However, we are using a space called DASHBOARD as a custom dashboard, and now it displays both  the original dashboard link followed by the custom dashboard. How do I tell the breadcrumb renderer to omit the original dashboard?

    1. Jul 04, 2011

      Hello Youri,

      do you want to omit the original Dashboard link in every space or only in your DASHBOARD space?

      Kind Regards,


      1. Jul 04, 2011

        In every (or at least in the ones using the default theme).

        With the old plugin we used this in main layout to display the space breadcrumbs without the original dashboard being listed




        But that does not work reliably any more with the new plugin.

        1. Jul 04, 2011

          OK Youri,

          here are the results of my lunch break brainstorming. To render the breadcrumbs, subspaces is using the javascript function modifyConfluenceBreadCrums. This function will be called if the page has finished loading. So what we can do is to owerwrite this function with our own little modified function during the page rendering.

          To do this go to you Confluence Administration to the "Custom HTML"-Section and insert the following code into the "At the and of the Body"-part. 


          <script type="text/javascript">
           function modifyConfluenceBreadCrums() {
              if( typeof( window[ 'subspaceBreadCrumPath' ] ) != "undefined" && subspaceBreadCrumPath.length > 0) {
                  if(jQuery('#breadcrumbs').children()[1]) {
                  var contextPath = jQuery('#confluence-context-path').attr('content');
                  for ( var pathCount = subspaceBreadCrumPath.length-1; pathCount >= 0; pathCount--) {
                                  // to prevent the first subspace from having the little arrow as background image.... we add the "first" css class
                                  var className = "";
                                  if(pathCount == 0) {
                                      className = "first";
                      jQuery('#breadcrumbs').children(':first').after("<li class='"+ className +"'><a href='"+contextPath+subspaceBreadCrumPath[pathCount][1]+"'>"+subspaceBreadCrumPath[pathCount][0]+'</a></li>');
                                  //here we hide the first element (the dashboard Link)
                                  jQuery('#breadcrumbs').children(':first').css("display", "none");


          This should remove the first Dashboard link. I have testet this code with a Confluence 3.2. I hope it works at your Confleunce, too.

          Kind Regards,


          1. Jul 04, 2011

            Many thanks Sandro,

            This appears to be working wonderfully.

            If I remember correctly the old plugin version had three ways for constructing the breadcrumbs:

            1. complete with original dashboard and space home page
            2. without the original dashboard
            3. without the space home page (only when visiting the space home page)

            Might be some useful checkboxes to add to the subspace configuration page for a next release?

            1. Jul 04, 2011


              I think the macro you descripe is the space-bradcrumbs macro. This macro is part of the metadata plugin. The subspace_breadcrumbs macro which is part of our subspace plugin does not have this parameter features. This is why we had to do this code stuff to remove the first breadcrumb part.



              1. Jul 04, 2011

                Indeed! I knew I left some comments about this somewhere, lol. It's sometimes hard remembering exactly what I coded more than a year ago :S

                There is now quite a bit more of an overlap with regards to the space-hierarchy implementation between this plugin and metadata 2, that got me confused.

                An improvement as far as I'm concerned, it is much more logical to have the breadcrumbs generated by this plugin as it also manages the hierarchy. Would be neat to replicate the functionality of construction as well in a future release, if possible without custom html additions (should I create an issue for this so people can vote on it?)

                Right now we still use the {parent-space} blocks in the space Home pages and the overview in the subspace configuration page gives a similar functionality. I think this may cause some of our errors as well, as only the one that changed as last seems to affect the hierarchy. Are the {parent-space} blocks still necessary in the space Home pages?

                1. Jul 04, 2011

                  Yes, please create an issue and descripe your requirements for the breadcrumbs macro in it. Maybe we can get it into one of the next releases.

                  To your second question, The "parent-space" is also not part of the subspaces plugin. You only need to configure the Subspace tree in the Confluence Administration. No further configurations on the pages is needed (except the subspace_bradcrumb macro insertion in your main.vmd).

                  Kind regards,


                  1. Jul 04, 2011

                    Many thanks for all your help Sandro. I have created a request for the space_breadcrumbs construction options: CSSP-61 (anybody is welcome to vote on that)

                    And I will be cleaning up the parent-space blocks out of all home pages this week as they no longer have any use.

                    Kind regards,

  33. Jul 05, 2011

    Does anyone have experience with using the subspaces plugin under the "Documentation Theme"? I have that working now by putting the menu macro in the "Header" area of the Documentation Theme Config screen. The only problem is that the menus do not appear on the Dashboard, Admin and Browse pages.

    It seems that applying the Doc Theme precludes access to the layouts, so the GUI editor is no help. I've tried to find the base files on the server as well but can only find one "main.vmd" and changes to it don't seem to affect anything. Any advice?

    1. Jul 05, 2011

      Hi Gabriel,

      there was a similar question some weeks ago. Maybe Laurents comment will help you.



  34. Jul 07, 2011


    I really like the the menue style of the top navigation bar, but oddly i only see empty squares when setting showSpaceIcons to true. Any idea why? Is this an issue with our explorer settings?



  35. Aug 06, 2011


    I want to know, if it’s possible to minimize/expand the structure of the space hierarchy,

    like in a filexplorers with folders/files









    minimize space_1.1:





    Thanks in advance

    1. Aug 15, 2011

      Hello Benjamin,

      we already have a ticket that matches you description (CSSP-63). You can vote on it to increase the priority. 

      Kind Regards,


      1. Aug 15, 2011

        Thanks a lot^^

  36. Sep 20, 2011

    The latest version of the plugin claims to show subspaces in breadcrumbs when usung the documentation theme, but I can't seem to get it to work.  Works fine in the non-ducmentation subspaces.  Any thoughts?  I follwoed the instructions in the documentation for implementing the subspace breadcrumbs feature. 

    1. Sep 20, 2011

      Hello John,

      only to get sure that we both doing the same steps to get the subspace breadcrumbs working in documentation theme.

      • Go to Confluence global Administration 
      • Go to section "Themes" and choose the "Documentation Theme" 
      • The Documentation Theme itself has a link "Configure theme" -> click it
      • Insert the the macro code "{subspace_breadcrumbs}" in the "Header" Textarea
      • Save the Configuration

      Thats it!

      This works for me.

      1. Sep 20, 2011

        Thanks Sandro!  Works great!

      2. Feb 03, 2012

        Never mind comment -- cant seem to delete it.

  37. Sep 20, 2011

    It was brought to my attention today that 1.7.2 of the Subspace plugin causes the Adaptivist plugin Toggle-cloak Macro to fail.  I confirmed this by reverting bakc to 1.7.1 of the subspace plugin.  Anyone experienced this.  The symptom is that the additional text on the toggle cloak will not display. 

    1. Sep 20, 2011

      Hello John,

      thanks for the report. We will Track this with the issue CSSP-68. Pleae see the comments there.

      Kind Regards,


      1. Sep 21, 2011

        Thank you.  I have added myself as a watcher on that issue.

  38. Oct 02, 2011


    I've just installed a Confluence 4.0 wiki with Subspace 1.7.2 and I can't get the dashboard hierarchical space navigation to work. I can get the drop down navigation toolbar to work but when I go to the General layout for Confluence 4.0 it appears that the way the dashboard is now generated has changed since 3.6.

    The instructions say to replace




    however this is no longer in the General layout in Confluence 4.0

    The new general layout appears to be


    #dashboard_renderGlobalActions("dashboardActionsId", ["system.dashboard"] )
    #foreach ($webPanel in $webInterfaceManager.getDisplayableWebPanels("atl.dashboard.left", {}))
        <div class="dashboard-item">


    Are there updated instructions on how to get hierarchical subspaces in Confluence 4.0



    1. Oct 10, 2011

      Hello Mathew Archibald,

      thanks for your hint about the missing Confluence 4 dashboard description. Now there is a description for Confluence 4 available at the "Example: Hierarchical space structure" -part.

      Kind Regards,


      1. Oct 11, 2011

        Hi Sandro,

        works great! ... but now the "Add new space" link is gone :-( ... any workaround for this? Thanks in advance.

        Kind regards,


        1. Oct 24, 2011

          Hi Andreas de Pretis,

          thanks for your hint about the missing "Add space" link. I created an issue for your problem. Please look at

          You can use the following link: http://<confluence>/spaces/createspace-start.action to create a new space.

          Kind regards,


  39. Nov 28, 2011


    I'm using the subspace navigation bar. When I select a parent space the menu item has the css class "active". But I also want the parent space menu item to be set to active when I select a child space. <li class="active-parent"> would really help.

    Kind regards


    1. Nov 28, 2011

      Hi Susan,

      each li element above the current selected space should have the class "hasChildInContext". This is your "active-parent". 

      Kind Regards,


      1. Nov 28, 2011

        Hi Sandro,

        thanks. I set "maxDepth=0". In this case the class "hasChildInContext" is not showing up. So I removed "maxDepth=0" and will hide the childen in the menu via css.

      2. Nov 28, 2011

        I have another question: Instead of the little house icon for the home menu item I want to have some text like "home" to show up. Is there a easy way to achieve this?

        Thanks again.

        1. Nov 28, 2011

          This is not configurable with the macro. But maybe you can use the CSS "content" Attribute or a little bit of javascript to achive this.

  40. Nov 30, 2011

    We are running 4.0 and the subspace plugin -- really like the plugin. We are running into two issues which I assume are related to the plugin. With the navigation bar showing, it covers up parts of the confluence pull-downs under Browse and User Name. The other issue is when the nav bar wraps (when the browser window is sized smaller than the nav bar width) while editing a page, the last few lines of the page are clipped in the editor window when scrolled to the bottom (even the scroll-bar is clipped). If a user resizes the browser window to larger than the full width of the nav bar, the issue goes away.

    I wanted to know if anyone else is seeing this issue.


    1. Dec 02, 2011

      Hello Bill,

      please create an issue regarding this behavior. Furthermore, attach some screenshots and add the used browsers to the description.



  41. Dec 20, 2011

    Hello Sandro,

    I have another question :-)

    I'm using




    which is working fine. But when I switch to to "favourite" tab all my favourite spaces are shown. I only want the favourite subspaces to be visible that belong to that certain spacekey I defined. is that possible somehow?




    1. Dec 20, 2011

      Hello Susan,

      your requirement is not part of the default subspace functionality. But I created a Requirement Task for this ( So you can vote for it to give it a higher priority for one of the next releases.


  42. Jan 02, 2012

    Does anyone know anything about support for Confluence 4.1? The docs are currently showing it to be incompatible.

    1. Jan 03, 2012

      The 4.1 release should be available in the next days. Currently, there are some compatibility tests in progress.

  43. Jan 19, 2012

    Does the subspace plugin actually change the file locations? We are using WebDAV to access Confluence attachments as shown in: Does subspace actually move the files so that when we access a space as a virtual folder we will see the subspaces below it? Or are all the spaces still going to be shown at once on the WebDAV share?

    Thanks in advance for the help!


  44. Feb 08, 2012


    I'm very interested in using this plugin but my requirements are that the plugin must be:

    • Supported
    • Stable state
    • have a BSD license

    The plugin information at the top of the page currently lists this as Unsupported and yet the latest release supports Confluence 4.1 and there have been recent updates/bug fixes.

    Can you please confirm if this plugin is being supported? If so, then I can move forward to use this plugin.


    1. Feb 10, 2012

      Hello Ajay,

      thanks for your interest in our plugin. 
      We are trying to keep our subspace plugin as compatible as possible to the latest version of confluence. 
      The reason why we still have the "Unsupported" state is that we can not guarantee to answer all the support questions whithin a very short time. 
      Furthermore we do not fix every little bug as soon as it was posted, espacially if there is a workarround.

      It is our compromise for a non commercial plugin.

      Kind Regards,

      1. Feb 10, 2012

        Thanks for the explanation Sandro!

        Due to your continued effort to keep the plugin up-to-date with the latest version of Confluence, I will move ahead with implementation.



  45. Feb 22, 2012

    Hello Sandro,

    is there any chance I can remove or hide the "new" tab (for new spaces) when I use:




    ? is there some kind of workaround?



  46. May 22, 2012

    Confluence 4 .... how do I hide all the subspaces from the list of spaces on the dashboard.action page ??

  47. Jul 09, 2012

    Found a funny little bug...

    I use a Subspaces macro at the top of the page. When I save, the Tools menu becomes inactive when it overlaps the subspaces macro. So, I can select the first few items on the menu (Attachments through Restrictions). The rest of the items are visible, but I can't select them.

    • This only happens when I use the macro with Style=Plain.
    • This is in Confluence 4.4.2 with Subspace plugin version 1.7.3 with the Atlassian Documentation theme.
    • This problem is consistent across Firefox, Chrome and Safari on both PC and Mac.
    1. Jul 10, 2012

      Hi Eliane,

      it sounds a little bit like the ticket [|]. Have you tried to aktivate the "Confluence 3.4 Standard Theme Integration" subspace plugin Modul? 

  48. Jul 11, 2012

    The Confluence 3.4 Standard Theme Integration module is already active :-(

    1. Jul 11, 2012


      please create a ticket for this issue and attach some screenshots to it. I think we should have a closer look to this.

  49. Aug 20, 2012

    After updating to the latest version of the plugin (v1.7.4), personal spaces now show up in the subspaces list (i.e. $helper.renderConfluenceMacro("{subspaces:style=list|sort=title}")). How can I remove them so it displays just the non-personal spaces?

    We're using Confluence v3.5.16.


    1. Aug 20, 2012

      FWIW, we also had some other really strange style issues (links not clickable, menus showing up behind other text) that went away when we downgraded to v1.7.3.

  50. Aug 22, 2012

    We are also having the problem where personal spaces are showing up on the dashboard.  We are using the latest version of the plugin (v1.74) and Confluence v4.0.

    Is there any way we can prevent the personal spaces from being displayed in the subspaces list?



    1. Aug 29, 2012

      Same here, using v1.74 & Confluence 4.2.3.

  51. Aug 29, 2012

    Hi Kerrin and Ron,

    we already have a jira issue for this behaviour. The current workarround is to go back to 1.7.3.



  52. Sep 28, 2012

    We're using Confluence 4.3 and would love to start using the SubSpace hierarchical space structure but it only shows Space Favorites in the Favorites list -- is there any way to add a tab for Page Favorites?



    1. Oct 01, 2012

      Hi Neha,

      showing up the page favorites is not part of the default subspace plugin. But you can definitely add such a tab to the Subspace macro. All you need for this is the CUTE Plugin. There are already a CUTE Extension which goes in the same direction. Maybe you can do some changes to the extension to match your requirement.

      CUTE Plugin:

      Favorite Extension:


      1. Oct 01, 2012

        Thanks for the tip, Sandro! I'd like to avoid purchasing a new plugin for the time being so I'm going to see if there is a way to add Favourite Pages in a separate section on the dashboard.

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  1. I would like to have the subspaces that I create, both appear in the hierarchy of the Menu Bar in the header at the top of the page, as well as display in the hierarchy of the left Navigation Bar available in the Documentation Theme that Confluence offers. Is that possible?

    So in other words, if I have a Departments Space, and IT & Finance Subspaces nested underneath that, the home page of each subspace would appear in the drop down from the top Menu Bar, and if I clicked on the Departments Space, IT and Finance would appear hierarchically in the left Navigation Bar as well -  via the expansion triangle, like this:

    v Home

    v Departments



    Ideally, I'd like the main Menu Bar to display the home page of each space and subspace I create, while the left Navigation Bar shows everything from the main Homepage on down. That was users can find top level pages quickly as well as seeing the whole scope of the site if they desire.


    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Luicy,

      thank you for your interest in our Subspace plugin.

      To display the subspaces of the current space it is necessary to get the spacekey of the respective space (something like \{subspaces:key=@current\}) This is not possible with the Subspce plugin directly.

      With the plugin "CUTE for Confluence" (also developed by Communardo) is this possible. The CUTE Extension: "Confluence Subspace Sidebar" shows up the subspaces of a current space directly into your Confluence sidebar.

      I hope this helps to solve your problem. Otherwise we would be delighted to hear from you at

      Kind regards,


  2. Is there a way to change the Icons in the main Dashboard view? I know you can in the macro you can insert into a page but I couldn't find a way to do so to the Dashboard item.


  3. I have a parent space with a page with links to 2 sub-spaces under the parent space. When I go to the sub-space page, the breadcrumb does not show me a path back to the parent space (I see Dashboard->Child Space->Child Space Page). We have Confluence 4.3.3. Is this expected behavior? How do I get the breadcrumb to show me the parent space in front of the Child Space? I am looking for something like Dashboard->(Parent Space)->Child Space->Child Space Page


    1. Hi Vish,

      thank you for your request and for your interest in our Subspace plugin.

      Since Subspace version 2.0 it is possible to activate a subspace breadcrumb navigation in the Confluence administration to fullfil your needs. Please navigate to: "Confluence Admin" => "Subspace Configuration" (in section "Administration") and klick on the link for the "Subspaced breadcrumbs" to activate this functionality. After that your breadcrumbs looks like: "Dashboard->(Parent Space)->Child Space->Child Space Page".


      Please update to the latest version of the Subspace plugin.


      I hope this helps to solve your problem. Otherwise please do not hesitate to contact me again.

      Kind regards,

      Bill (Communardo Support)

  4. How is it possible to restrict the ability to create a subspace to Global Administrators only?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Crozier Olivier,

      thank you for your request and your interest in our Subspace plugin.

      You are able to deactivate the links to create a subspace or to change the parent space of a subspace ouside of the administration by disabling to modules of the Subspace plugin:

      • Add Space (subspace.addspace)
      • Change Parent Space (subspace.change.parentspace)
      • Add Space (
      • Change Parent Space (

      To disable this modules navigate to: "Confluence Administration" => "Manage add-ons", klick on "SubSpace plugin" and klick on the link "17 of 18 modules are enabled" (on the right side). Now you are able to disable the four modules.

      Please not, the URLs: "<Confluence_URL>/communardo_plugins/createsubspace/createspacehierarchy-start.action?key=<Space_Key>" and "<Confluence_URL>/communardo_plugins/createsubspace/changeparentspace-start.action?key=<Space_Key>" are still available via direct URL access.

      I hope this helps to clarify your question. If not, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

      Kind regards,


      Bill Martin

      Communardo Support

      1. Hi Bill,

        Thanks, this has resolved my question.
        I only deactivated the 2 modules Add Space so the people can still configure another space as parent.

        Best regards,

  5. Hi there!

    And thank you for your plugin: it is of a great help!


    But I have encountered the following issue: when trying to display a list of subspaces of a current space, I also see "No permission" spaces and their subspaces.

    Is it an expected behaviour?

    Can I get rid of "No permission" spaces?

    Why I  see only several "No permission" spaces, whereas there are much more spaces I don't have access to?


    Thanks in advance =)

    1. Hello Anton Ivanov,

      thank you for your great feedback! We are always glad to hear that our users are happy with our products.

      Concerning your questions, the displaying of "No Permission" is a known issue. We have tracked in in this ticket:  CSSP-163 - Getting issue details... STATUS  . 

      It seems, that if you grant access to single users, the "No Permission" disappears, but as soon as you use groups to restrict the space, it will appear for users without the proper rights. This might explain, why you see only several "No Permission" spaces.

      I hope my answers are helping you. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support directly by creating a ticket or via email.




      Stephanie Hoffmann

      Communardo Support



  6. Thanks for your explanations, Stephanie Hoffmann. It made all clear!

  7. Hi!, great plugin!
    I need to set the parent of a space remotely. It is possible by inserting data in the appropriate tables of bbdd (os_propertyentry table)?
    Thank you very much.