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The "JIRA Violet Science Theme" extension tunes up the look and feel of JIRA. It has been created from a free web template from Special Thanks to the designer!


  • Restyled header and footer area with a big banner on dashboard
    • The Dashboard header text is changeable via the extension properties
  • All other pages don't have the big header
  • Fixed width to 1000px
  • Redesigned navigation bar

Extension Properties

header.text.bigThe big banner text on the Dashboard header
header.text.smallThe small banner text on the Dashboard header

Download and Compatibility

Extension VersionDateCompatibility with JIRADownloadComment
1.22013-10-105.x - 6.1jira.violet.science_1.2.cuteCompatibility update for JIRA 6.1
1.0.12013-02-185.xjira.violet.science_1.0.1.cuteLitle style fix