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We have finally moved our support portal to the cloud, which includes this documentation as well.
All documentations here are therefore no longer up to date.
Please follow the link for the latest documentation:

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In JIRA every user can create and subscribe to a filter to show issues based on their due dates (or any other date field). However, it is not possible to create personal reminders. With RemindMe for JIRA the users are now enabled to easily configure issue-based reminders for any JIRA issue. These individual reminders consist of a date (when does the user want to be reminded) and a text (what does the user want to be reminded about) to accompany the reminder and are individual for every user.

A second feature of RemindMe are global reminders. By using global reminders RemindMe will create a JIRA filter that shows all issues where the user is either reporter or assignee and the due date is within a specified period of time.

Within release 1.2 of RemindMe a custom JIRA Query Language (JQL) function was added to filter all issues with personal reminders. By setting different parameters a date range will be specified to refine the filter results.

A word about pricing

RemindMe follows a "freemium" pricing model where a limited set of functionalities is provided free of charge while other more advanced features are only available after applying a valid license for the product. In this case the "Global reminders" feature is provided free of charge and works without any license of the add-on. Individual reminders however require a valid product license in order to be available for the users.

Individual Reminders for JIRA Issues

General Information

This feature allows a user to receive individual reminders for every single JIRA issue they want to be reminded about. Obviously the user needs to have access to this issue (i.e. permission to see it). This feature may be combined with the Global Reminder option mentioned earlier on this page.


This feature is only available after applying a valid license for RemindMe for JIRA.

Individual Reminder Configuration

As this reminder only applies to single JIRA issues, it has to be configured on each JIRA issue individually. In order to set a reminder, navigate to the 'More Actions' menu of the corresponding JIRA Issue and select "RemindMe". A reminder could also be set by using the keyboard shortcut 'r'. The shortcut will only work within the 'View Issue' screen (pictured below) or the detail view of the issue navigator.

In the following dialog, the date and the optional text of the reminder will be specified. The "RemindMe About" text can be formatted using Wiki markup. If a reminder has already been configured for this issue and the currently active user, then the date and the text will already be inserted.

After the form has been submitted and the reminder has been activated, it will be displayed on the "View Issue" screen. The aforementioned dialog can also be accessed by clicking the RemindMe Date link on this screen.

In order to remove a reminder on an issue, the RemindMe Date has to be simply left blank. Alternatively, a reminder can also be removed by clicking the bin icon next to the RemindMe Date.

Postpone Reminders

The RemindMe panel will also show a button "RemindMe Again" with which the user can easily postpone the reminder by a fixed amount of time. This can be thought of like a snooze-button. This is available both within the JIRA issue or as a hyperlink included in the reminder email. Currently available options are:

  • Tomorrow
  • In one week
  • In one month

Please note that the hyperlinks for snoozing the reminder from you RemindMe email have a fixed date and that 'Tomorrow' would always mean the day after the reminder was sent. This means if a user clicks on the "Tomorrow" link in an RemindMe email that was sent on Monday a few days after the email was sent (i.e. Friday) the RemindMe date would be set to Tuesday (the "tomorrow" at the time the email was sent).

Filter by Personal Reminders Using JQL

JIRA issues with personal reminders can be filtered using JIRA's advanced search and JIRA Query Language (JQL). RemindMe adds a custom JQL function called remindMe() to JQL. The function uses three different parameters to refine query results:

The "all" parameter

Using the "all" parameter, the JQL function returns all issues where a personal reminder is set.


  • issue IN remindMe("all")

Specfic date parameter

To refine a query, call the JQL function using a specific date as parameter value. The result will include all issues where a personal reminder date matches the parameter value.

Possible date formats:

  • yyyy/MM/dd
  • yyyy-MM-dd


  • issue IN remindMe("2015-08-30")
  • issue IN remindMe("2015/10/21")

Date range parameter

Query results can also be refined by using different date range parameters. All these values will be added to the current date. Simply use a single date range value or a combination of multiple values separated by whitespace (see examples below). The result list contains all issues where personal reminders are set for dates between the current and the calculated date. To show issues whose RemindMe Date is in the past, add a minus sign (-) before the number. If the plus/minus (+/-) sign is omitted, plus is assumed.

Possible date range values:

  • months ("M")
  • weeks ("w")
  • days ("d")


  • issue IN remindMe("3w")
  • issue IN remindMe("2M 4d")
  • issue IN remindMe("-1d")
  • issue IN remindMe("-1w -2d") is the same as issue IN remindMe("-9d")

Global Reminder Option Referring to the Due Date of an Issue

General Information

RemindMe also provides you with a global option which, when activated, will set a reminder for all of your issues. You will then be reminded by email about all your issues that reach their Due Date. The email will only be sent once per day and shall arrive until 5 am (the time might vary depending on the setting of your JIRA server). It will contain all issues that reach their Due Date. Only issues meeting the following requirements will be considered for the reminder:

  • you have to be the creator of the issue OR the issue has to be assigned to you (so watchers of issues are ignored)
  • AND the issue must have set the JIRA standard field "Due Date" to a valid date
  • AND the date set for the Due Date field must be X days after the reminder is fired, where X is the amount of days set in the reminder configuration (see below for details)


This feature is available without applying a valid license for RemindMe for JIRA.

Global Reminder Configuration

Activate or deactivate the Global Reminder

To activate the reminder navigate to the user menu (the menu that has your name on it) and select the option "RemindMe Global Settings". In the dialog that appears tick the checkbox next to "Enable Global Reminder" and click the "Submit" button. To deactivate the feature just repeat this steps but remove the tick from the checkbox. By default the global reminder is disabled for each user.

Definition of Global Reminder Offset 

By default, the time set for global reminders is one day before the Due Date of an issue. You can change the time interval on the same dialog that is used to activate or deactivate the global reminder (see above). Just change the value next to "Offset (in Days)" to any positive integer. This value determines the number of days that you want to be reminded before issues reach their Due Date.

Please note that the above described offset is applied to all reminders the current user is receiving.

Add Conditions to Global Reminder

The global reminder functionality is based on JIRA standard functionality, namely filters and subscriptions. So when you activate the reminder a filter and a subscription are created which reflect the reminder settings. The filter and the subscription are removed if you disable the global reminder. They are replaced when you edit the reminder.

You can edit this filter directly. Go to Issues > Manage Filters > My. Click the filter name "Communardo-RemindMe-Filter". You will now see the filter in the advanced JIRA search. Here you can add conditions to the filter. After editing the filter, click the magnifying glass icon to Search for the respective issues. Afterwards, you will see the word "Edited" next to the title of the filter and the option Save is displayed. Click the Save button to keep the changes. Future global reminder emails will now be sent according to the conditions you specified.

Please be aware that manually changing the filter might cause the global reminder not to work correctly.

Give us Feedback about RemindMe

In the reminder configuration dialogue you will find a link to provide us with valuable feedback. That may include feature requests, issues or just general feedback. Please make use of that. Alternatively you could also use the Customer Portal to do that. Thanks for your time!

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  1. We have a lot of casual users of JIRA. They don't know JIRA well, and many have not yet bought into the use of the tool. I totally agree that RemindMe is an important missing ingredient to ensure they realise that JIRA is where work is assigned and tracked.

    The problem with Remind Me is they are not going to go looking for the Activate Global Reminder settings. So its missing for everyone, everyone existing and everyone new. This would be a lot of work for an administrator to set on behalf of each user using something like the sudo password.    

    So,  how do I make it so that the default is switched on for everyone?

    • Yes, it needs to be an individualized setting (so they can opt-out) but I need them to be opted in by default.
    • Also,  for administrators, it would be useful to have a table showing all users vs. their remind me setting, changeable by a remindme-administrator group (defaulting to jira-administrator) 



    1. Hi Martin,
      thank you for your inspiring feedback. I've created two issues in our JIRA in order to track your ideas as potential features so they may be included in a future release:

      Please feel free to vote on them to increase their popularity and add yourself as watcher in order to receive latest updates from developers and feedback from other users that are facing the same issue.

      Stephanie Hoffmann
      Communardo Support