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titlesince version 3.0

SubSpace Navigation offers integration with some of our add-onsapps, namely CUTE for Confluence, METADATA and, by extension, upp. This allows you to theme your navigation and offers more advanced dynamic results in the navigation.


Image 1: SubSpace Navigation Theming (click to enlarge) 

You can theme the navigation when the add-on app CUTE for Confluence is installed.  

Having CUTE enabled, you will instantly find a new (yet still not activated) theme that is available within your Confluence: head to the overview page for all your CUTE extensions in the Administration > Manage add-ons apps > Configure.

If you are already using the CUTE add-onapp, the extensions should be present right now.


If you are using CUTE prior to version 1.4 you may need to either deactivate and activate CUTE Universal Plugin Manager (Administration > Manage add-onsapps) or restart your Confluence in order to see the provided CUTE Extension.


Of course the bundled extension can be modified to your liking, or you can simply create your own theme for your navigation within CUTE. To modify the extension, create a new extension and use the existing extension as template.
Add-on Integration

App Integration and CQL

If you are using other Communardo add-ons apps like METADATA and upp even more sophisticated integrations are possible. For example you can have a CQL navigation element that lists all content that is relevant to users working in the same office as the current user. In order to do so the CQL query has to include the corresponding fields form the other two add-onsapps. The following example shows the basic structure:

  •  metadatafield.Site:upc.currentUser.Location

Here the field "Site" is managed in Metadata for Confluence, while the values of that field are stored in the field "Location" provided by User Profiles for Confluence (and most likely this will be synchronized from the user directory). 

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