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We have finally moved our support portal to the cloud, which includes this documentation as well.
All documentations here are therefore no longer up to date.
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You might need add, view and delete permissions to copy or move a page. See details.

It is possible to move and copy Confluence pages with attached metadata. This page describes which conditions must be met and how the behavior differs for different scenarios.

Within the same Space

When moving or copying pages with metadata within the same space, attached metadata are copied/moved as well.

Between different Spaces


To move a page with attached metadata to a different space, the attached sets and fields have to exist in the new space. If the configuration does not match, you will not be able to move the page so you won't lose important information.

Configure the missing sets/fields in the new space to be able to move the page. The configuration must match exactly.


Precondition: Make sure that the metadata configuration in the target space matches that of the original space. Alternatively, you can add missing metadata after copying the page.

You will be able to copy a page with attached metadata even if the metadata configuration in the target space doesn't match. If the metadata configuration doesn't match, sets/fields that are not configured correctly in the target space will be lost on the new page when copying.

The warnings you get for mismatched metadata differ slightly depending on

  • Confluence version
  • whether collaborative editing is active or not
  • whether you are copying only one page or a page with child pages

Metadata will not ignore administrative permissions, this means the add-on does not automatically create new metadata in the target space.

You may use the Bulk Change or Export/Import options to add missing metadata.

You will need admin permissions to create metadata, perform a bulk change or use export/import.


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