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We have finally moved our support portal to the cloud, which includes this documentation as well.
All documentations here are therefore no longer up to date.
Please follow the link for the latest documentation:

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/rest/communardo/metadata/latest/filter/{pagenumber} GET

Search for Confluence content and its metadata. You can search with Confluence query language (CQL) or Lucene query language or combine them.


parameter requireddefaultpossible values / type
pagenumberthe pagenumber of the result list(tick) INTEGER greater 0
queryLucene query

(warning) Either the query parameter or the cql parameter has to be defined  
cqlConfluence query language(warning) Either the query parameter or the cql parameter has to be defined  
sortcolumn to sort by(tick) 


the name of the column

  • Metadata field key
    • metadatafield.status
  • sort by page title with
    • content-name-untokenized



sortdirectionsort direction(tick) 
pagesizeResult entries per result page(tick) INTEGER greater 0
fieldsnarrow down the list of displayed fields per result all metadata fields of the content results will be shown

A comma separated list of fields. Example:



Example Request with JavaScript


jQuery.get( contextPath + "/rest/communardo/metadata/latest/filter/1" , {
    query: "global.metadatafield.contactperson:admin",
	fields: "global.metadatafield.contactperson"
}, function(data) {

Please note: latest/filter/1 displays the first page of the results. If you have more than 10 results, you will either need to raise the pagesize or go to page 2

Example Response


	"pageNo": "1",
	"self": "",
	"searchResults": [{
		"pageTitle": "Example",
		"pageUrl": "/display/~admin/Example",
		"pageId": 1234567,
		"contentType": "page",
		"values": [{
			"id": 80,
			"key": "global.metadatafield.contactperson",
			"title": "Contact Person",
			"content": "<a class=\"confluence-userlink user-mention current-user-mention\" data-username=\"admin\" href=\"\" data-linked-resource-id=\"25624936\" data-linked-resource-version=\"1\" data-linked-resource-type=\"userinfo\" data-base-url=\"\">Administrator</a>"
			"id": 81,
			"key": "global.metadatafield.pagestatus",
			"title": "Page Status",
			"content": "Approved"
			"id": 82,
			"key": "global.metadatafield.pagestatusmessage",
			"title": "Page Status Message",
			"content": "nothing to do here"
	"pager": {
		"currentPage": 1,
		"pageCount": 1,
		"elementsPerPage": 10,
		"totalElementsCount": 1
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