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Your Connections System Lacks Active Users?

With C²-Connect, Communardo has developed a product that eases the introduction to an active and productive use of IBM Connections. Through the simple integration of content from Atlassian Confluence, the strengths of the Wiki Spaces with the holistic structure of IBM connections can be combined without much effort.

C²-Connect …

  • Combines Atlassian Confluence Wiki-Spaces with IBM Connections.
  • You thereby ensure having active users for your Connections!
  • And encourage the continuous use of the comprehensive Connections-functions! 

Bring activity to your IBM Connections System, win support from the very start!

C²-Business Cards, C²-Activity Stream und C²-Community List support your IBM Connections System on the way to becoming a central and traditional Enterprise Social Network!


C²-Connect: Integration Forms and Functioning 

C2 - Business Card


The Business Card from IBM Connections will be integrated into the various Atlassian Confluence Wiki-Platforms. 

  • Employees will be visible through their complete company profile.
  • From now on, data only has to be kept up-dated in one system. 

C2 - Activity StreamActivity_Stream_C2-Connect

Connect the decentralized Atlassian Wiki-Platforms with IBM Connections into one Activity Stream. 

  • In „I follow“ users receive additional notifications on relevant activities in the Atlassian Confluence Wikis.
  • Switching back and forth between systems is no longer necessary.
  • Save time in finding information. 


 C2 - Community List Community_List_C2-Connect

Combine the „Spaces“ of the Confluence Wiki-Platforms with the central Enterprise Social Network.

  • Previously hidden work rooms from Confluence will be easily found in the Connections Community List, and may be used for the user’s own tasks.


Ensure both systems with a significant competitive edge! 

  • Reach a higher information transparency for important data content in your enterprise!
  • Retain a clear view of your Connections Activity Stream!

Contact & Further Information

Tino Schmidt
Communardo Software GmbH
Tel: 0049 351 / 833 822 14


Support from our experts

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