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We have finally moved our support portal to the cloud, which includes this documentation as well.
All documentations here are therefore no longer up to date.
Please follow the link for the latest documentation:

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User Profiles for Jira enhances the functionality of Jira’s user profiles. By using this app, user profiles can be centrally extended with additional elements. On top of that, the app supports the synchronization of any attribute from LDAP-based external user directories (e.g. Active Directory or OpenLDAP) with the user profile by extending the LDAP integration functionality of Jira. This means that the users no longer need to update their personal data manually.

The benefit to you: The data of synchronized user profiles is always kept up-to-date and can be used to display on the hover profile.

Image 1: Hover profiles with additional information about the user

Editing the User Profile

The edit mode allows administrators to edit all users' profiles. Users can adjust the data for the additional profile elements of their own profiles.

Elements of profiles for external (LDAP) users that are synchronized cannot be edited.

Image 2: A user profile with the extended profile information (click to enlarge)

Please note, that the elements are only visible at the profile, if they contain any information. Otherwise they are hidden.

Starting with version 2.0, user profile elements can be displayed in Jira issues.

(info) When changing a profile value, it can take up to 1 minute until the changes are reflected in a Jira issue. Do not forget to refresh the page (hit F5) to see the changes.

Edit Service Desk customer profiles


A customer profile can only be edited when the customer is a local user in JIRA.

Starting with version 2.1 the profiles of Service Desk customers can be edited by JIRA service desk agents without admin permissions.

  1. In a JIRA Service Desk project Click on "Customers" in the left hand menu.
  2. Search for your customer.
  3. Click on "Edit Profile Info" to change profile elements in the customer's profile.

Image 3: Edit Profile Info (click to enlarge)

Phone Numbers

Starting with version 2.0 phone numbers are click-to-call, provided the administrator used the element type Phone Number when creating the profile element (see Create and Edit User Profile Elements (v 2.1)).

The number will be called via the application which is configured for the “tel” protocol on the client, e.g. Skype 4 Business on a PC or the telephone app on a smartphone. If such an application is not yet configured, the user will be asked to choose one.

It is recommended to supply the phone number using the international dialing format: the plus sign (+), country code, area code, and number (e.g. +49 351 333 222 11).

This way chances are high that your telephone application can handle the provided number and you won't face trouble making international calls. The add-on will remove unnecessary characters, but won't correct missing country or area codes.

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