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By default there is no export/import feature available for the "SubSpace Navigation for Confluence" app.


There are two technical ways as a workaround. 

  1. Use the same Request which subspace is using to store its navigation
    • You need to be logged in as an administrator in order to send this request.
    • The request url is  "/rest/communardo/subspace/latest/admin/navigation".
    • It will be send as an PUT request.
    • The payload of this request contains the actual navigation data which is a json object.
    • Use the browser Tools to see what subspace is sending during the navigation save.
  2. Move the data from the database directly 

    Please create a backup before any data base change to prevent data loss.

    • We store the navigation json data in the table bandana by using the key

    • To read the navigation you could use this SELECT

      SELECT * FROM bandana WHERE bandanakey = ('de.communardo.confluence.plugins.subspace.navigationstructure')
    • If you put the data into the target system please shutdown the system first which will otherwise lead to weird side effects because Confluence is doing a lot of caching here