Our Subspace Plugin reached 10,000 Downloads

Our  Communardo Subspace Plugin  recorded last week  10,000 Downloads. Therefore it is the best known Add-On of  all Communardo Plugins. We would like to thank all users for that support. We are happy about  such a far-reaching resonance. This motivates our developers to continue to work on the progress of our Subspace Plugin.

 Sandro Herrmann  , Software Developer in the Atlassian team: "Thanks a lot to the community that assists to constantly improve our Subspace Plugin. It is amazing how much feedback we get. That`s why  I would be happy to continue to receive suggestions for improvements or get directly votes in JIRA for feature ideas."


The free Add-On helps you to organize your hierarchical  Confluence spaces. With the past  Release 2.0, the usability became even simpler. Of course, the Communardo Subspace Plugin is now compatible with the latest version of Confluence 5.1.

 Please simply download the  Communardo Subspace Plugin in the Atlassian Marketplace for free. Perhaps  one of our other Add-Ons is also a great addition to your Atlassian product:

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Release 2.0 - The Subspace Plugin takes a step forward.

In recent weeks we have worked a lot on our plugins CUTE and User Profile Plugin and released new versions. But it should also go ahead with our free Subspace Plugin for Atlassian Confluence. The oldest of the Communardo plugins helps you organize your hierarchical Confluence spaces. This structure can be used as a navigation support and therefore is able to display in various ways (eg, as a navigation menu or a space list).

With the release 2.0 we improved the plugin continuously:

  • Easier configuration: Originally only macros were available and administrators had some trouble integrating the navigation menu itself and making it visible for all Confluence pages. Now with one click the global subspace menu can be displayed automatically on all pages. Further you can configure displaying the hierarchy of the spaces in breadcrumbs centrally.

  • Structuring external links: Finally it is possible to organize external links into a hierarchy. Furthermore, the plugin supports an area-independent menu structure – now you can create menus freely, that include only some important links with the most-used sites. Very Clear!

  • Minor improvements and cleanups: We have taken the opportunity to adapt the plugin for example to the new styles of the new Confluence 4 versions and improved the administration interface.

For all users of the Subspace plugins and those who want to become one: we also expanded our User- and Admin Guide in our support portal fundamentally and improved it. There you can find a detailed guide to all the features of our plugin.

In the Atlassian Marketplace, you can still download the Subspace Plugin for free. A completed overview of the changes can be found in our Release Notes!


Did you also know that it is possible with the Subspace Plugin to include the Macro "quicksearch" in any Confluence page? This allows you to search and find keywords in specific spaces and subspaces simply.