After upgrading to CUTE 1.1 or newer you might experience multiple entries in your Confluence Favorite Menu:

This effect occurs, if you have the included extension and the previously manually uploaded extension for the Confluence Favorite Menu enabled.

If you did not made any changes to the extension, please disable and remove the manually installed version of the Confluence Favorite Menu. Further updates for it will be provided via the CUTE for Confluence add-on itself.


Sometimes you want to render a macro within a CUTE template, which requires additional JavaScript. Unfortunately this is currently not quite easy (as there are not good hooks available).


A good example is the Rate Macro for Confluence.

  1. Download and Import the following example: cute-108_1.cute
    1. It has a couple of properties to define the macro, which should be rendered,
    2. A Velocity file, which will render the macro and needed scripts,
    3. A JavaScript file, which moves the rendered macro, to its desired location.



CUTE-108 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CUTE Theming for JIRA and Confluence

Are you looking for a way to continue using an existing theme with a new Confluence version without the hassle of updating it? Or do you need a small improvement of the JIRA user interface while avoiding the overhead of an development project?

Communardo released a new plugin for that: CUTE helps JIRA and Confluence users make modifications to their instance without the technical knowledge or time investment necessary to write a plugin from scratch. Additionally our webinars will offer more detailed information in a live demonstration.

Styling JIRA and Confluence with CUTE

CUTE stands for “Communardo Universal Theme Extensions” – a new way of theming Confluence and JIRA by using Communardo Software’s pre-built extensions or creating new ones to customize the UI of JIRA or Confluence. No need to get your hands dirty with the Atlassian Plugin SDK–instead, admins can use simple and flexible customizations that work even after updates to Atlassian’s products.

How does CUTE work?

Once CUTE is installed, admins can see an overview of existing extensions and tools to quickly create new ones.

Activate, de-activate, import, export, and create extensions in just one click. Using CUTE means that if you want to make a small change to a Confluence menu or the page layout for JIRA, you don’t need to write a plugin or go into your instance’s source code, potentially saving admins an upgrade nightmare.

Simple changes, such as using a new color scheme or adding images like your company’s logo, are be carried out directly in the properties of the extension. For more extensive adaptations, CUTE helps you manage HTML and Velocity templates, CSS stylesheets, and Javascript files.

Communardo is working hard to build out a library of sample extensions to help their users make building extensions faster and easier. They already have 7 Confluence extensions and 4 JIRA extensions to get you off the ground. The best way to understand CUTE is to see it in action. Here are 5 awesome extensions built for CUTE, handpicked by Communardo.

The Top Extensions

  1. JIRA Zenlike Theme - finally themes for JIRA, with a header that offers a lot of space for a banner and a nice wallpaper


  2. Confluence Favorite Menu - the star in the navigation bar offers access from everywhere to favorited sites

  3. Confluence Horizontal Scrollbar - very wide pictures and tables can also be completely shown through an on-call visible scroll bar

  4. Confluence Metadata Box Extension - Meta Information for a site will be shown at a click - the contents have more room for effectiveness. 

  5. Confluence Teaser Imaged Dashboard - more beautiful dashboard with news with teaser images

Further extensions can be found at our Support Portal. Or, do you have your own ideas about how your Atlassian Confluence or JIRA could be changed? Become a part of the CUTE Community and exchange ideas and extensions with us and other interested parties!

Where can I see CUTE?

Take part in our free webinar sessions in January, so that you can experience live, how an extension is created and get the answers to all your questions about CUTE. Sign up today for one of the following Webinar dates:

Or try out CUTE for yourself and generate your trial license for CUTE for Confluence or CUTE for JIRA at the Atlassian Marketplace!


The CUTE Way of Theming - Release 1.0

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The developers of Communardo are creative people. Through their daily work for Atlassian products, they are always coming up with new ideas and improvements for their optimization. For our customers, they are continuously implementing new user-specific applications. The plugin CUTE also originated under the aspect that more and more customers have asked for a uniform and individual layout for their Atlassian products.

So what are the main features of the new plugin CUTE?

  • Design and expand your UI: individual design of your user interface and expansion with additional items
  • Do it yourself: simple and flexible customization through your administrator
  • Stay safe after updating: continued trouble-free use of your individual user interface after the Atlassian updates
  • No ‘Know-How’ required to develop Plugins

CUTE (Communardo Universal Theme Extensions) is a plugin for Atlassian Confluence and JIRA. In short, you can customize your user interface of Confluence and JIRA with CUTE individually and change selectively – in accordance with the principle of a modular system. The advantage is the company-specific look, entirely in harmony with your CI/CD. The look of your wiki should deviate from the standard – it's not only a wiki, it is YOUR Wiki! The use of Confluence and JIRA is made much easier for the employees if the connection to the company is present - this means customized, industry-specific adaptations.


The change and the design of Confluence and JIRA user interfaces are far from being the only feature. You can expand Confluence and JIRA by using additional elements, which are important to you. For example, you have the ability to add favorite pages by yourself. Therefore frequently visited pages are quickly accessible to all employees (for example, see screenshot below left).




Now you are probably asking yourself, how CUTE even works. For instance you can import the existing "Clouds Theme" extension. This provides appropriate properties in order to make quick and easy changes, such as the font color or the background color. You can see an example of a custom background color here.

The example of this extension shows that even complex modifications are possible. This is precisely the goal of our CUTE plugins –  decide for yourself!

What do you have to do? Test the creativity of your employees or your administrator by giving them the freedom to make a company-specific Confluence and JIRA. Try different versions on a test system and embed you favorites in your live system. And, as simple as that, you have a different design from the standard layout. In order to further develop CUTE, we need your support: Share your ideas or self-written extensions with our CUTE community! Of course, we are constantly working on new extensions, which then stand ready to use in our support portal.

Your ideas for extensions: Klick here!




To celebrate the launch of our CUTE releases 1.0, we offer you an individually customized extension until the end of the year – the JIRA/Confluence Universal Header (see screenshot right). Purchase a CUTE license by December 31 of 2012 at the Atlassian Marketplace and send us an e-mail to to receive your very own header from us!

To celebrate the launch of our CUTE releases 1.0, we offer you an individually customized extension until the end of the year – the JIRA/Confluence Universal Header (see screenshot right). Purchase a CUTE license by December 31 of 2012 at the Atlassian Marketplace and send us an e-mail to to receive your very own header from us!

Something good to know: CUTE is compatible with all versions of Confluence and JIRA. There is no need to worry when a new update appears.  You can continue working with the adjustments without interruption.

Release 1.0 changes:

  • 2 new extensions
    • JIRA/Confluence Universal Header
    • Confluence Metadata Box ExtensionEditor in the administration area has been improved
  • Performance improvements
  • Integration into the Atlassian Marketplace