No. You can be reminded of any issue that can be created in JIRA. It does not matter if the issue type is a default type (like tasks, issues, stories) or if it has been configured by your administrators.

When using the hyperlinks for snoozing a reminder from your RemindMe email, you have to be aware that they have a fixed date. "Tomorrow" always means the day after the reminder was sent. Meaning, if a user clicks on the "Tomorrow" link in a RemindMe email that was sent on Monday a few days after the email was sent (i.e. Friday) the RemindMe date will be set to Tuesday (the "tomorrow" at the time the email was sent). This would mean that the user does not get reminded of the issue at the desired time.

Individual Reminders can only be set after applying a valid license to RemindMe for JIRA.

Global Reminders however are available without a valid license.

For more information, please refer to the User Manual.

Merry Xmas: RemindMe offers 20% off!

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Our RemindMe Plugin for JIRA would like to offer you some Christmas cheer. For those of you who don't know RemindMe: it is a simple JIRA Add-on, which enables you to never again forget a deadline. You may either set a global Reminder that always reminds you per email which JIRA issue due dates are coming up, or you may use the individual function to give your issues a personal reminder date.

With this special Christmas offer, you now not only have the chance to get to know RemindMe better, you can also purchase it at a discount:

You can now get 20% off a RemindMe license.

However, you have to earn the coupon code to get the discount. To do this, you simply have to follow an easy 3-step procedure. Generate an activity in your JIRA that stipulates the purchase of a RemindMe Plugin. After you have installed the Trial version, simply set an individual RemindMe date to 8 January 2014.

As proof, send us a screenshot. Everyone who does not yet know RemindMe, but wants to give it a try, will receive a 20% discount off the price of a license on 8 January 2014

  1. Download trial License
Download a RemindMe trial license from the Atlassian Marketplace.
2. Generate a JIRA issue and set a Reminder dateGenerate the JIRA issue “RemindMe License Purchase” and set the RemindMe date to 8 January 2014
3. Send Communardo a screenshot

After you have saved the date, make a screenshot of the issue and send it to us before 8 January 2014. Here it is important that the “RemindMe Date” can be clearly seen.

If we have received an email from you with your screenshot before 8 January 2014, you will be sent an exclusive gift coupon code. You may redeem this only with a purchase of a RemindMe license on 8 January 2014.

RemindMe and Communardo are very happy to be able to offer you this Christmas joy. We wish you a happy holiday and an excellent start in the new year.

RemindMe 1.0: Forgotten, Overlooked, Overdue ... Put an end to it!

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Less than four months ago we published the Communardo Plugin RemindMe for Atlassian JIRA. Since then, it has been available at the Atlassian Marketplace for free and it has already been tried out numerous times by many curious users. We have used the past few weeks to collect feedback and to implement a few suggestions for Version 1.0.

Review Kai Gottschalk: "This is just a tiny plugin, but it is one (out of many) step(s), which improve the usability and thus the acceptance of JIRA for standard users. Yes, power users do know, how to create and customize filters and subscriptions to reach the same, standard users do not and do neither want to learn nor to put any resources in it. Well done!"

The clever reminder function for Atlassian JIRA - RemindMe

It can occasionally happen that you lose track of upcoming JIRA issues or that you miss some deadlines. JIRA does not yet offer a simple reminder function. The only relief offered until now has been a very complicated configuration of filters and a subscription to it by email. But most users have never even heard of this. Now, the simple and smarter solution is RemindMe!

Improvements in RemindMe Version 1.0

In the previous Version 0.9, every user was allowed to select a global setting. The user could decide on being reminded of the dates of upcoming issues, and on how many days in advance. In the new version, the user now has the additional possibility of giving every issue its own time reminder. And the double-advantage with RemindMe 1.0: you can use the global as well as the specific set-up.

The second change has to do with the pricing model of RemindMe. The goal of the free Version 0.9 was to see if there was a need for such a function. The four-month test period, and the accompanying feedback, showed us that many businesses had just been waiting for RemindMe to come along! Because the development of such a Plugin involves a great deal of effort and expense, we have decided to introduce a convenient pricing model. Nevertheless – and independent of acquiring the license – the functions from RemindMe 0.9 will continue to be available for use at no charge. Free trial at the Atlassian Marketplace.

RemindMe was one of our three Plugins that participated in the Atlassian Codegeist competition. Unfortunately RemindMe was not the February winner. However, in our Communardo hearts, RemindMe remains the winner, because without it, we can no longer even imagine what our daily life at Communardo would be like.

The Brand New Plugin for JIRA

A new Plugin again ? Here you can once again see that an Innovation Day at Communardo is absolutely worth the effort. Our winner in the vote: RemindMe!

Have you ever forgotten that a JIRA issue  was due?

It can happen that you lose track of when JIRA issues are due, or that you forget deadlines that suddenly occur to you over the weekend. Would you like simply to be reminded about certain issues by RemindMe?

Who can configure filters to get reminded of JIRA issues?

Up to now, it has only been possible in JIRA to configure a filter for yourself and then to subscribe to it by email. Most users have never even heard about it. And if by chance they have, then the function is either too cumbersome or too difficult to understand. And who wants to have to explain that every time to their colleagues?

For this reason there is now RemindMe for Atlassian JIRA. Thanks to the new Communardo Plugin, every user will have the possibility to easily monitor the due-dates of their own tickets. You will simply receive a message automatically by Email. Each user can set their individual profile to the desired time interval for receiving reminders of set deadlines. 

Who prefers a simple Plugin?

All users who would like to be informed about issues reaching their due-date in JIRA will enjoy the availabiltiy of the RemidMe Plugin. Whether you work with JIRA very much or very little, RemindMe offers significant value:

  • Quickly, simpel and individually for each user
  • You never lose track of your own issues with deadline dates 
  • You receive maximum one email daily with all due dates
  • No development effort when updating JIRA versions
  • We are already planning more features in the next version: Be there and help influence further development with your own ideas!

Administrators and developers at your company also have here a decisive advantage. They receive a simple Plugin and no one asks anymore about the complicated filter function from JIRA concerning reminders of ticket-deadlines. 

The Communardo Team loves this Plugin. You too?

Give us your feedback! Version 0.9 is available to download for free in the Atlassian Marketplace.