Release History

C²-Connect Business Card supports IBM Connections Version 5.0

Please contact if you need the compatibility of a different version.

Business Card Plugin 1.2.0

see internal Wiki:

[NEW] Confluence 5.4 SupportSupport for new Confluence version added
[NEW] Availability Check improvementsAdded a configuration option and made it SSL failsafe
[NEW] Support of more browsersSupport for all Confluence compatible browsers
[NEW] configuration option for using email as user referenceMake it possible to avoid LDAP queries by using the mail as unique identifier (if possible)
[FIX] Confluence Hover Card appeares before Connections business cardFixed flickering of the different cards
[FIX] Business Card shows "undefined"

Fixed "Undefined" in Business Card after search in people directory or while first loading

[FIX] Confluence avatars are not replaced under circumstancesFixed replacement process which had an error for avatars which were not resized by Confluence
[FIX] Redirection to profile edit does not work in BCMode

Fixed an error where users which may not have the plugin features were also redirected to Connections

[FIX] Confluence avatar is displayed but should notFixed redirection to Connections avatar

Business Card Plugin 1.2.1

[NEW] Confluence 5.5, 5.6 SupportSupport for new Confluence versions added

[FIX] Wrong configure link in Confluence Plugin Manager

Fixed a wrong link in plugin descriptor

Business Card Plugin 1.2.2

[NEW] Confluence 5.8 SupportSupport for new Confluence versions added

[FIX] Error handling improvements

Implements a better errror handling for no longer existing users
[FIX] Javascript errorFixed a rare Javascript error