Issue Rating won't be supported and maintained any longer. For further questions please contact our support team.

Did you ever wish there was an easy way to receive feedback from other JIRA users directly on your issue?

We have created a new custom fieldtype "Issue Rating" to facilitate just that. Issue Rating allows every user separately to give feedback on an issue. This takes the form of a simple 5 star rating.

Now you can:

  • Provide user-specific ratings on an issue with a 5 star system
  • Search for the number of ratings, rating average or the resulting score
  • Order by rating average in the issue navigator
  • Display the ratings using JIRA macros in Confluence 

User's Guide

The User's Guide is intended for anyone using Issue Rating in JIRA. It provides you with all necessary information on how to use the add-on.

Administrator's and Installation Guide

The Administrator's and Installation Guide is intended for JIRA administrators. It helps you to install and manage the add-on.

Support Center

Create and track your support requests, ideas, and bugs.

Further Information

Frequently Asked Questions and Answersrelease notes & roadmap ... if you are missing something, feel free to ask us.


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